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Sea and Forest

Courses can be created and shaped as desired, for example "outdoor watercolor painting" including a hike on the scenic peninsula "Skatudden".

If you are a smaller group that wants to try out wheelthrowing (max five at a time) or just come in while I'm working, please book a study visit to the studio and the gallery. 

Are you keen to further your education in the ceramic area, firing methods, sculpture or wheelthrowing? Do not hesitate to call!


"Quiet clucking - warm silver-gray rocks - screeching of seagulls"

(one of my 365 Haikus)

It still fascinates me, after about 40 years, that the clay digged up from the ground, picked up at the edge of a stream or lake shore, can be turned into a ready-made durable pot. 

The hand directly moving the clay and water shaping pots, the fire that turns the pots into hard ceramics and ideas that are realized into physical form. 

It still feels like a great favor to have learned this 10,000-year-old profession.

The turning is in itself, sensual and meditative with repetition of the same shape and size, while it also can be a challenge to manufacture with precision, the shapes and ideas that I have sketched. All the manufacturing phases of ceramics, from turning to sending and modifying the shape to making decorations, making glazes and firing, require their patience. It takes about three weeks from a turned vase to be finished. It's a long process but very satisfying when it turns out as planned or when it comes out of the oven with challenging surprises.


A selection of products 

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